The Transcendental Backbones of POP Art


The ’60’s were an influential decade regarding many things, but art from back then is still used today.  Who would’ve thought that pop art could tie into Transcendentalism?  But, of course, it does.

Pop art was pioneered by artists such as Andy Warhol and Richard Hamilton, and it conveyed subject matters which related to the paradoxical imagery of American pop culture.  This ties into Transcendentalism because pop art was a different kind of art.  It completely disregarded conformity, and showed a new side of the arts.  People that created pop art showed off their individuality, and threw a society of conformity and corruption out the window, making way for their new innovations in the art industry.


All in all, the pop art movement struck down the walls of conformity, and made sure that people’s individuality would not be tainted by society’s corruption.